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CFTROU 0127B7: Bonus Episode: CFTROU Conference Live

We’re bringing you a recording from a recent preconference event at our Church for the Rest of Us Conference. At this conference our team at Family Church shared principles, strategies, and ideas that churches of any size can use with the resources they have – right now. Joining us on this recording is a panel of pastors we have built relationships with from churches across America: Noe Garcia, Senior Pastor at North Phoenix Baptist Church, Aaron Harvie, Senior Pastor of Highview Baptist Church, Jonathan Aiken, Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church of Naples, and Grant Gaines, Senior Pastor of Belle Aire Baptist Church. They discuss how they’re creating a culture of evangelism at their churches, to continue building trust in their diverse communities, and to identify and recruit young leaders who feel called to ministry within their churches – all in a new, post-pandemic reality. Tune in to an encouraging conversation about expanding the kingdom. Pastor Aaron from Belle Aire Baptist church mentioned a script he and his team used for their inreach phone calls. You can review and download it by clicking on this link.

Key Points:

  • How the pastors on our panel are creating a culture of evangelism in their churches in a pandemic.
  • Being intentional about having evangelistic conversations.
  • The difficulty of driving church attendance during this pandemic.
  • How the pastors on our panel are working towards more racial diversity within their church.
  • How to continue building trust in their communities.
  • Helping people in their congregations to understand the “why” behind decisions that are being made.
  • Organizing and coaching peer groups to help train younger pastors and leaders.
  • Words of advice or encouragement to pastors who are listening.
The switch that flipped for me in my mind and my heart when it comes to personal evangelism was when I committed to trying, with God’s help, to sharing the gospel with a lost person at least once a week, outside the pulpit. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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