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CFTROU 0129 – Church Reimagined – Replant, Renew & Reimagine

All of us have to rethink, replant, and reimagine our churches. Even though fewer people are physically attending church due to the new reality we are in, we still have an opportunity to be outposts for the Lord, Jesus Christ. For the next several podcast episodes, we will be talking about the church reimagined – how can we replant, renew, and reimagine how we do church. We continue to press forward and remain flexible, adaptable, and agile as we think outside the box. On this episode, we welcome guests, Pastor Joel McDonald and Pastor Larry Mayer. They are both pastors at Family Church West, one of our South Florida locations. Listen to how the pandemic has affected their in-person gatherings and how they are flexing their mindset and processes to reimagine church at their campus.
Key Points:
  • How they are “relaunching” and what their relaunch plan entails.
  • How they have issued a challenge to their people to invite their community to come together at church.
  • Learn more about how “front yard barbecues” are a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors.
  • They share their expectations for their relaunch and how they are measuring their outcomes.
  • Their follow-up process and the key to initial interaction.
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