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CFTROU 0135: Church Reimagined: Standardization vs. Customization

To continue our exploration of this season’s focus on the church reimagined, today we are joined by Pastor Larry Mayer and Pastor Jose DaSilva to discuss the balance between standardization and customization for your church! There are clear benefits to each of these avenues, and as you will hear from our guests, finding the right amount to suit your congregation can be a very powerful tool for the gospel. We hear from Pastor Larry about how the standardization within which he works allows him to focus on connecting more deeply with his people, before Pastor Jose gets into why customization and flexibility are so essential to his practice, sermonizing to a mostly Spanish-speaking group. We get into a quick discussion on culture and language and look at some useful examples of differences that are important to respond to. Further points that come up during today’s conversation include allowing space for progress and innovation, and some of the hurdles that larger organizations face. So for all of this from Jimmy, Leslee, and our two wonderful guests, listen in today!

Key Points:

  • The benefits of standardizing church practices across different locations.
  • Communication and the accountability that can go into scripts for services.
  • Perspectives on customization versus standardization; a healthy blend.
  • The linguistic and cultural dimensions to this conversation.
  • Different holiday practices; Christmas with Pastor Jose and his congregation!
  • The power of the combination of the local and the larger whole.
  • Lessons from more standardized churches while allowing space for fun and creativity.
  • Potential drawbacks and challenges to running a multi-site congregation or organization.
  • Bringing a wide range of perspectives and approaches to the table for the greater good.
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