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CFTROU 0139: Be a Family

In this episode, we continue this season talking about our Family Church Leadership Principles. Joining us today are Pastor Derek Simpson from our Family Church Downtown Campus and Pastor Larry Mayer from our Family Church West Campus. Our seven leadership principles are: be a family, be trustworthy, be a people developer, be a motivator, be an innovator, be a collaborator, and be excellent. Today’s podcast will focus on the first one – to be a family. We dive right in with what it means to be a family, practical ways and behaviors to be a family, how love should be your primary motivator not only when you lead, putting people into places for them to best succeed.

Key Points:

  • What we mean when we say be a family; to love one another as brothers and sisters.

  • We discuss practical ways and behaviors to be a family; the first: let love be the primary motivator.

  • What happens when leaders don’t have a primary motivator of love.
  • When you love people for the best parts of them; seeing people how God created them.
  • Why organizations should actively try to avoid falling under the idea that the higher somebody is, the more important that person is.
  • How we cultivate our culture and the family-orientated structure at Family Church; meet often and eat often.
It’s not about the lack of accountability it’s about recognizing when someone is really good at some things and not at others — but don’t force them to live in the area of their perpetual weakness. Click To Tweet

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