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CFTROU 0140: Be Trustworthy

In this episode Pastor Jimmy and Leslee Bennett are joined by Pastor Winner Olmann to discuss another one of our Family Church Leadership Principles – to be trustworthy. We break down our definition of trustworthiness as the consistent demonstration of integrity in all that you do and say, sharing some examples and practical applications to help you build a strong team and implement appropriate guidelines within your organization. Tuning in, you’ll also learn more about the importance of predictability, under-promising and over-delivering, and honoring confidentiality, as well as the power of giving credit where credit is due.

Key Points:

  • Defining ‘be trustworthy’: consistently demonstrating integrity in all that you do and say.
  • An example from the Book of Exodus 18:21 of how Moses demonstrated trustworthiness.

  • Leslee outlines the theological principle underpinning trustworthiness from Philippians 1:27.

  • Winner on how consistency breeds trust using the chocolate raw egg prank as an example.

  • Practical applications for the ‘be trustworthy’ principle, starting with living with a clear conscience, both personally and organizationally.

  • Find out what Leslee, Jimmy, and Winner mean when they say “fill the gas with trust.”

  • The importance of follow through, as well as under-promising and over-delivering.

“It’s easy to find yourself over-promising. Really, in an organization, that’s not healthy. It’s healthier to tell people no, or what you can realistically accomplish, than to try to please them by saying yes and then not being able… Click To Tweet“Integrity means complete, it means whole, it means upright – being the same on the outside as you are on the inside. Click To Tweet

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