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CFTROU 0148: Forming Strategic Partnerships

In today’s episode talking more about multi-site acquisitions and mergers, we are joined today by experts Dr. Ray Underwood of Family Church, and Dr. Willy Rice from Calvary Church in Clearwater. After a warm introduction, we dive right into the lived journey and vision that creates impact, and Dr. Ray and Dr. Willy each share their top insights into how to make these sorts of partnerships work so that we can spread the impact of Jesus’s love. We touch on when and why churches can (and should) lean on each other’s brotherly leadership, and we get some advice from our guests for some good reasons, not to partner. Finally, we get some fantastic parting advice from each of our guests on missional alignment, keeping the mission of Jesus at the forefront. From the importance of authenticity and good communication to how we’re all better when we work together, this episode is full of encouragement.

Key Points:

  • Introducing Ray and a little bit about his role in encouragement.

  • Willy talks us through some of the journey and vision of their multi-campus impact.

  • Ray shares his secret sauce of strategic partnership!

  • Hear thoughts on why and how churches are open to mergers and partnerships.

  • Some good reasons not to partner, and keeping your vision aligned.

  • We talk through some benefits and recurring challenges in this kind of ministry path.

  • The importance of good communication and clear expectations.

  • Managing your expectations, and how we’re better when we work together.

  • Parting advice from our experts!

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