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CFTROU 0150: Multisite Mulligans

In this episode, we are joined by Robert Harry, representing a recovery group that meets at Family Church and Jarrett Stephens from Champion Forest. They weigh in on the struggles and wins of building multisite churches and strategic partnerships, tell us why recovery programs are so important. They share lessons learned with regards to leadership. You’ll hear about planting a new campus and the story of a senior pastor who stepped up to the plate when he was called to lead a church for Champion Forest. Robert shares some of the impact that Family Church has had on his life and the lives of others. Jarrett emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation, and considering your reasons before launching a new campus. 

Key Points:

  • How we define being an innovator: being courageous about creating, and embracing change, keeping the future in view!

  • An introduction to today’s guests, Robert Harry and Jarrett Stephens.

  • We touch on Robert’s story of recovery, which initially motivated him to leave Pennsylvania.

  • Jarrett shares some of the struggles he is having at multi-site church, Champion Forest.

  • Robert’s involvement in Family Church Recovery and why there is a huge need for it.

  • Some lessons they have learned at Family Church with regards to leadership.

  • Jarrett weighs in on the good that has come from establishing a new campus.

  • The story of a senior pastor who stepped up to lead a church plant for Champion Forest.

  • Why it is so important to consider all elements of why you are doing a merger.

  • The importance of building a strong foundation before launching a new campus.

  • Why it is so significant to choose a good leader, and to make sure your church is planted for mission and not convenience.

  • Some hurdles they have faced at Family Church and why they only share the highlights.

  • An invitation to join us at Family Church on 10 February for the Church for the Rest of Us Conference.

That’s been one of the pleasant surprises is the guy that we thought: is he going to make it as a campus pastor? He has stepped up now that safety net is gone. Click To Tweet

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