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CFTROU 0157 – The Power of the Neighborhood Church: A Conversation with Dr. Gregg Allison 

There is power in a church that accurately reflects the neighborhood it is in. There are a couple questions to ponder as a leader of a local neighborhood church; Are you visibly present? If your church were removed from the neighborhood would it be missed? Welcome back to the Church for the Rest of Us Podcast, where today, we will be starting a brand new series called “The Power of the Neighborhood Church! This topic is something we at Family Church in Florida are very passionate about. Our guest on the show today is Dr. Gregg Allison from Southern Seminary. Throughout our new series, we are talking about the power and significance of the neighborhood church. Dr. Gregg Allison sits down with Pastor Jimmy and Leslee and shares his thoughts on what makes a church a neighborhood church. We talk about capturing neighborhood context, what the Bible says about the neighborhood church, standardization versus contextualization, the incarnational aspect of our neighborhood church, and so much more. Don’t miss out, so tune in now!

Key Points:

  • Gregg shares information about himself, his interests, and his family.

  • More about his available books and resources.

  • How Gregg would describe the power of the neighborhood church.

  • Gregg shares the role he plays in his local neighborhood church.

  • The importance of the church capturing the context of its neighborhood.

  • The Bible, The New Testament, and the neighborhood church.

  • The three key ministries of the neighborhood church.

  • History and the neighborhood church.

  • How standardization influences and affects the neighborhood church.

  • What should be standardized and what should be contextualized, according to Gregg.

  • How and why the church and its staff and members should reflect the neighborhood.

  • Refocusing the church on the neighborhood: visible presence.

  • The church as a missionary enterprise; missions in your neighborhood.

  • The incarnational aspect of the neighborhood church.

  • How the neighborhood church can rediscover its purpose.

  • More about Dr. Allison’s latest upcoming book.

The power is that neighborhood church constantly thinks about the neighbors, prays for the neighbors, goes to coffee shops and meets the neighbors, does grocery shopping with the neighbors, the members of the church are in tune with the needs,… Click To TweetIf churches would see themselves more as a mission outpost for this area, instead of a refuge from the area… we’re here to be ambassadors for a kingdom. Click To Tweet

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