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CFTROU 0167: The Power Of The Neighborhood Church: Finale with J.T. English

We are wrapping up our season of exploring the power of the neighborhood church and here with us today to tie it off in a perfect bow is Author and Lead Pastor, J.T. English. After telling us about his spiritual awakening in college and the providential meeting of his wife, J.T. explains how Storyline Church reaches out to and impacts his community. We discuss the differences between preaching in a community where you are known versus one where people don’t know you, why it’s necessary to create a warm and welcoming environment for those receiving the Word, what some pastors are getting wrong regarding the power potential of neighborhood churches, and how the neighborhood church is contextualized in The Bible. Finally, our guest explores what we as followers of Christ need to know in his book Deep Discipleship, and he describes the basics of discipleship, what it means to lead with discipleship, and what steps new Christians can take to cement their faith in our eternal Savior.

Key Points From This Episode:

J.T.’s background, his family, and his ministry in Nevada.

His spiritual awakening in college and the meeting of his wife as a providence of God.

How Storyline Church reaches and impacts his neighborhood.

The difference between pastoring in communities where you’re known versus unknown.

How J.T. creates a warm and welcoming environment for people receiving the Word.

What pastors are missing regarding the ideas and potentiality of neighborhood churches.

How the neighborhood church is contextualized in The Bible.

The basics of discipleship according to J.T.

What it means to lead with discipleship.

The steps that our guest encourages new Christians to take.

Diving into J.T.’s book, Deep Discipleship.

You have to maintain relationships. As soon as we close relationships off, we can’t reach the world. Organic, open relationships allow us to stay connected to the community. Click To TweetPeople are not afraid of commitment; they’re afraid of committing to things that don’t matter. Click To TweetIf you win them with relevance, you’ll lose them to the next relevant thing. If you win them with excellence, you’ll lose them to the next excellent thing. We want to win people with the true,deep gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to lead… Click To Tweet

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