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CFTROU 0180: We are Abandoning the Regional Megachurch Model

In this episode of the Church for the Rest of Us Podcast, in addition to our Lead Pastor, Jimmy Scroggins, and Communications and Executive Staff Director, Leslee Bennett, we are joined by pastors Todd Gaston, Kevin Smith, and Jose DaSilva to discuss our experience with abandoning the megachurch model in favor of the neighborhood church. You will hear about what a megachurch is and what the operation of megachurch model entails, the challenges associated with this model. They also discuss the power of the neighborhood church and the transition from one to another.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know our guests, Pastor Todd Gaston, Pastor Kevin Smith, and Pastor Jose DaSilva.
  • Understand what a megachurch is and what the idea of a regional megachurch entails.
  • Our guests share their experience of running megachurches.
  • The power of neighborhood churches.
  • How to change your ministry strategy from come and see to go and reach.

The vast majority of global churches are small, neighborhood, village churches. This is the way the Christian movement sustained itself and spread over the last two millennia. Click To TweetI think there is a strength to the scale of a megachurch, but it ends up creating other challenges. Click To TweetI am, by instinct, a preacher, so to preach to services of 4,000 people overall is a wonderful thing. Click To Tweet

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