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CFTROU 0188: Leading Change in a Traditional Church–Start Where You Are

Change is an inevitable aspect of church work, especially when your goal is to effectively reach your neighborhoods with the gospel of Jesus. In today’s discussion, we are joined by Pastor Christian Ramos. He leads our worship ministry across our family of neighborhood churches. We are also joined by Pastor Derek Simpson, who serves as the Campus Pastor of Family Church Downtown and also provides leadership to our ministry teams. Also, Pastor Kevin Smith joins the conversation. He serves as the Campus Pastor of Family Church Village and also offers team leadership for Family Church. The discussion in this episode is about leading change. No matter which business or ministry you are in, the type of organization you lead, the size or location of the organization, all of us at some point have to lead through change. Our guests talk about what it was like going through a time of decline, our thoughts on the cultural climate, the mindset shift toward Christianity, and the job of pastors to define reality. We talk about starting where you are and look at a couple of key aspects when leading through change. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Leading ministry teams in times of decline.
  • Unpacking the context of Family Church today.
  • Looking at the big picture to ask the right questions when leading change.
  • The importance of theological confessions that guide your church.
  • Taking a hard look at your membership process.
  • Pastor Jimmy speaks to the idea of starting where you are.
  • Growing on Sundays and the importance of getting your team on the same page.
  • Making changes sometimes comes at a cost, and sometimes it doesn’t.
  • How to propose change as a leader.

Change is inevitable in church work if we want to effectively reach our neighborhoods with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Click To TweetI’ve realized when people say they don’t like change often times they don’t like the change that others initiate. Click To Tweet

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