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CFTROU0056: Relational Rocket Fuel

Welcome back to the Church for the Rest of Us Podcast, and happy 2019! We took a few weeks off to celebrate Christmas and New Years with our families. Then we did something we do every January at Family Church – we went on our staff retreat. Today we’re diving into the importance of retreats. This fits perfectly with our theme for this season, which is Creating a Thriving Church Culture. Retreats are really one of the primary ways to build culture and that’s why they are so important to us. They are our relational rocket fuel! In this episode we discuss why we do staff retreats, how we use retreats to shape our church culture, and the importance of intentional spiritual renewal at retreats. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen relationships outside of the office, stay tuned to this incredible episode!

Key Points:

  • Why we believe staff retreats are relational rocket fuel.
  • How spending time together helps shape church culture.
  • Building in intentional spiritual renewal at staff retreats.
  • The vision casting element of a staff retreat.
  • Who to invite on a church staff retreat.
  • Restructuring the agenda.
  • Importance of understanding the structure/size of your church to build retreats.
  • Using the resources you have to organize a retreat.

In order to build the kind of relationships that facilitate the kind of culture that we want, we’ve got to spend time together. Click To TweetSometimes we feel obligated by an organizational chart to dictate who attends a staff retreat and that’s a horrible thing to do. Click To Tweet

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