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CFTROU 0120: Evangelize in a Crisis – Sam Chan – Part 2

We continue our conversation with Dr. Sam Chan. An expert on visual communication, he also has a PhD in Theology and works as a surgical assistant. In part 1, we talked about evangelism in a post-COVID-19 world. In part 2, Sam weighs in on how to have important conversations about Jesus and conduct your ministry during the pandemic. He compares our current situation of social distancing and separation with the story of Paul and drives home the point of making the most of what you have. There is also discussion of production quality and how concerned churches should be about this, as it pertains to their online productions. He elaborates on this and more facets of how to effectively communicate online.
Key Points:
  • Why communication is now more important than ever and why it should be a priority for any church.
  • The importance of making sure a broadcast is of the highest quality possible (in your context).
  • The simple pros and cons of live broadcasts versus recorded media.
  • The use of music for recorded broadcasts and tips on using other pieces of content to enhance your communication.
  • How evangelism has traditionally taken place at events, but how one-on-one evangelism can be more effective.
  • Ways to lighten the mood of online content and how Sam has used blooper reels.
  • Different ways to speak to an audience through video using eye contact, positioning, and framing.
  • Sam’s approach to memorizing notes and the use of a teleprompter.
  • Sam’s simple pieces of advice for all pastors to improve their video sermons.

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