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CFTROU 0115: Leading Through COVID-19: Family Reunion Chapel Services.

The safest place to do church is Family Church at Home online, but its beginning to be time again for people to have the choice to meet together, face-to-face. We, at Family Church, are about to reopen. We have not been open since March 8th, 2020. For five months we have not been back together, in person! So weve decided to do something different, different from what we were doing in February and March of this year. Were starting small, calling them Chapel Services. These small services will have mandatory mask requirements and social distancing seating, with one worship leader and a guitar or piano. For the service we are going to pray together, take the Lords supper together, teach the Bible, and then go home. On todays episode of Church For the Rest of Us, we talk about our new way of approaching church together, the regulations and House Rules weve developed and established, and we discuss the fact that people are really at a place of wanting to meet together and how we can facilitate a gathering with resources and more. So stay tuned! 
Key Points:
  • Why we decided to go with Chapel Services. 
  • Derek shares the research findings accumulated while looking at the reopening of churches post COVID-19.
  • How church reopening is being politicized.
  • We discuss our House Rules and how and why we developed them.
  • Why we think marketing the word safety,” by churches is a mistake.
  • Why we want to meet face-to-face: Spiritually and theologically. 
  • Why we used the term Chapel Services and the importance of communicating the change.
  • What we saw when we looked around the country at other churches.

I think what we are trying to do here, at Family Church, is reset peoples’ expectations, which I think is really wise so we can’t think we are going back to what it was like in February — as our expression of the body of Christ —… Click To TweetThe truth is, we just want to give people who are ready and who want to, and opportunity to gather face-to-face, while we also provide high-quality opportunities for people to worship at home. Click To Tweet

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