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CFTROU 0077: The Business on Church Business: Know Your Bylaws

Welcome back to the Church for the Rest of Us Podcast! Today were starting a new season on some topics that most pastors dont get taught in seminary and therefore have to learn the hard way! Were calling it The Business on Church Business where we get into the underbelly of running a church. There are so many intricacies involved in leading a congregation and we would like to share some of our experiences at Family Church. The best teacher is, after all, learning from other peoples experiences so that you dont have to take the knocks yourself. Most pastors dont get into ministry to run a business but to reach people and make disciples, yet it is necessary to equip themselves in this area so that they can be successful. We discuss why pastors need to be experts on their bylaws, what bylaws constitute and when it might be advisable to change them.

Key Points:

  • The need for pastors to be equipped in the business side of running a church.
  • Changing bylaws that shifted most of the responsibility from deacons to senior pastors.
  • Why pastors have to familiarize themselves with the bylaws of their church.
  • Defining bylaws, the content it should cover and how it pertains to state law.
  • How bylaws protect the church and afford integrity to the decision-making process.
  • When it makes sense to revise bylaws and recommendations for formulating them.
  • The relationship between the bylaws and the core doctrinal beliefs of the church.
  • Much more to follow!

Every lead pastor, every senior pastor should know their bylaws. Click To TweetIf we make decisions in violation of our bylaws, we then open ourselves up to people challenging those decisions, if necessary in court, and we can actually lose if we don’t make decisions according to the rules that we’ve agreed to… Click To Tweet

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