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The Mom Village

The Mom Village is a Christ-centered podcast led by three multicultural moms. We tackle tough topics, worldview challenges, and difficult questions from a biblical perspective. We collaborate with talented, professional, and seasoned women. We seek to educate, uplift, and encourage you through the triumphs and tribulations of motherhood. Welcome to our Village!

Discipline – Part 3

2021-04-20T17:22:07-04:00April 21, 2021|

TMV: Episode 23 – Discipline – Part 3

Today we bring you part three of our series on discipline. In this episode, we build on the foundation we’ve already established in our talks on disciplining younger children, and we move […]

Full Circle Parenting

2021-04-09T10:37:41-04:00April 9, 2021|

TMV: Episode 22 – Full Circle Parenting

Today we are joined by Kristin’s husband and Family Church pastor, Jimmy Scroggins, to discuss the new book that they have written together: Full Circle Parenting: A Guide for Crucial Conversations. As the parents […]

Discipline – Part 2

2021-03-31T13:01:34-04:00March 31, 2021|

TMV: Episode 21 – Discipline – Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our series on discipline. We have decided to extend this series into four parts and, in today’s episode, we share some deep topics that you can apply […]

Discipline – Part 1

2021-03-31T12:36:44-04:00March 24, 2021|

TMV: Episode 20 – Discipline – Part 1

Discipline is a foundational pillar of parenthood, and as mothers, it is our duty to child guide our children closer to God. In part one of our multi-episode series on discipline, a topic […]

Marriage Conversations – Part 2

2021-03-31T12:32:21-04:00March 10, 2021|

TMV: Episode 19 – Marriage Conversations – Part 2

Welcome to part two in our series of marriage conversations! We are back again with our husbands to answer all of your questions, and today you’ll be hearing stories about marriage […]

Marriage Conversations – Part 1

2021-03-31T12:30:22-04:00March 5, 2021|

TMV: Episode 18 Marriage Conversations – Part 1

Welcome to part one of two in our series of marriage conversations. Of course, we can’t talk about married life without our husbands, so today, you’ll also be hearing from Christian Ramos, […]

Valentine’s Day Special – Part 2

2021-03-31T13:00:18-04:00February 19, 2021|

TMV: Episode 17 Valentine’s Day Special – Part 2

Today, in part two of the Valentine’s Day special, the men in our lives are still with us to continue our fantastic conversation. We pick up where we left off, diving […]

Valentine’s Day Special – Part 1

2021-03-31T12:59:39-04:00February 12, 2021|

TMV: Episode 16 – Valentine’s Day Special – Part 1

Valentine’s Day; all things romance, relationships, and more. Whether you’re single, dating, newly married, or veteran, you undoubtably have questions and we hope to answer some of those! Welcome to […]

Adolescent Mental Health – Part 2

2021-03-31T12:58:57-04:00January 27, 2021|

TMV: Episode 15 – Adolescent Mental Health – Part 2

Today, we welcome back Sarah Rainer for part two of the Mental Health series. As mentioned before, Sarah’s husband Art Rainer used to be one of the pastors here at […]

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