3circlesBrandon Kennedy, Pastor of Evangelism at Cross Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas, was trained by Ronnie Parrott, their Pastor of Discipleship, to turn conversations about life’s problems into conversation about Jesus and the Gospel.

He says this about his experiences using this tool:

The great thing about the 3 Circles is that it can be used for non-believers & believers. With that being said, I have used it in counseling broken marriages and also in teaching high school boys on how God has called us to be biblical men. I have used small pieces of paper to large dry erase boards.

Recently, I had a great opportunity to share the Gospel and challenge 700 young men at an elite football tournament. After calling them up in their manhood, I was able to draw out for them via the 3 circles, how the Gospel is made practical in their everyday lives. Not just for salvation. I thoroughly explained God’s ultimate design for humanity and how our sin has led to our brokenness and a myriad of different coping mechanisms. I told them how God is ultimately calling us to repent and believe in the Gospel and pursue His design for our lives. God saved over 15 young men that night! One of them, who has been in the foster system for years, came up to me afterwards and told me how clear it was. I believe that seeing it all drawn out helped cement their decisions to follow Christ.

I have also been able to train my own mentor in the 3 Circles diagram! It felt good to be able to give him a tool that he can use.

brandonBrandon Kennedy is the Minister of Evangelism at Cross Church in Fayetteville, AR. He is husband to Carlese and father to Savannah Grace (3) and Knox Major (1).