These are the amazing stories of the diverse group of people who came to publicly profess their faith through believers’ baptism last night. Our church has grown into a multi-campus, multi-cultural, multi-lingual family, and we couldn’t be more excited about what God is doing.

There’s the couple from our Downtown campus, both of whom came to Christ after realizing that the problems they were having were about more than just marriage. They desperately needed Jesus to come transform them. They found that once they believed that Jesus died for their sins and put their faith in Him, they had a healthier relationship with one another and were better parents to their child.

There’s the young man from our Sherbooke campus who began attending church with his mother and got saved after attending our First Connection class. His mother was baptized back in December, and now he has decided to take this step in his faith.

There are the multiple men and women who attend our Recovery ministry, all who have gone their own way and led lives of brokenness. Through recovery, they found Jesus – the only one who could heal all their sin and brokenness.

These are just some of the types of people who came to profess their faith in Jesus. Their testimonies were told in English, Spanish and Creole. At Family Church, we believe that the gospel is for everyone. No matter what your story, Jesus died for your sins, was buried and raised to life.

When these people stood in the water, they stood there to symbolically identify with Jesus’ death on the cross for their sins. They were buried (dipped under the water) and rose up to walk out of the water just like Jesus walked out of the grave. They have been spiritually resurrected and one day will be physically resurrected just like Jesus.

Each one of these people has now publicly enrolled in the school of Jesus. They will be trained to be disciples who make disciples. They aren’t saying they are perfect. Nobody is perfect, but we are redeemed. We have repented of our sins, believed in Jesus and celebrated with baptism!