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CFTROU 0062: The Power of the Invitation

Join us today with some great insights from Clay Smith, Lead Pastor of Alice Drive Baptist Church in Sumter, South Carolina. Clay gives a fresh take on the power of the invitation. This isn’t your traditional approach to creating an invite culture at your church. Clay walks us through seven foundational invitations that churches should be making on a regular basis. Churches often miscalculate just how little awareness there is about their church in the community. Clay shares some of the small steps churches can take to create awareness for more people to join. We also dive into how to meet the needs of your community through invitation, how to invite others to know Jesus, and how to invite people to take their next steps.

Key Points:

  • Recognizing the power of the invitation.
  • Jesus is an inviting God; we need to be an inviting people.
  • Invitation of awareness: show the community that your church exists.
  • Invitation to be loved: we want something for you, not from you.
  • Invitation to try: allow people to try church, or try worship.
  • Invitation to meet your needs: stepping into group life.
  • Invitation to know Jesus: life’s better with Jesus than without.
  • Invitation to be baptized: historical marker or event.
  • Invitation to follow Jesus: the discipleship process.
  • Four quadrants of discipleship: know Jesus, know community, grow character, go share.

I think because our God is an inviting God, we should be inviting people. Click To TweetChurches greatly over-estimate how aware the community is about their existence. Click To TweetIf you’re not comfortable with your church, you’re not going to invite anybody to come. Click To Tweet

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