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CFTROU 189: Leading Change in a Traditional Church: Killing the Sacred Cows

In this episode, we are sharing tips for recognizing and killing the sacred cows in your church to foster change and growth. Regardless of your organization’s size, you may recognize the presence of sacred cows that need to go to the slaughterhouse. Now, you might be unsure about how to guide them there or whether you possess the courage to lead them. If you find yourself in this situation, you’re in the right place and tuned into the right conversation! Today, we’re happy to have some insightful guests back with us. Christian Ramos, Lead Worship Pastor who leads the worship ministry across our family of neighborhood churches; Derek Simpson, Campus Pastor of Family Church Downtown who provides leadership to all our ministry teams; and Kevin Smith, Campus Pastors of Family Church Village and also offers team leadership for Family Church. Join the conversation as we dive into why letting go of the past can be difficult in a church setting, some of the changes we’ve seen happen throughout the years, Derek shares a key component in the conversation about commitment, and we unpack some of the criteria to help you discern whether something is a sacred cow. Tune in as we share invaluable insights about leading through change!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Pastor Jimmy sets the stage with a principle he garnered from The Three Box Solution.
  • Letting go of the past, and why that’s difficult in a church setting.
  • Christian recounts some of the changes they’ve made in the worship ministry and platforms of Family Church.
  • Reflecting the cultural diversity of our neighborhoods.
  • We discuss the intentional changes in our language and communication.
  • Killing the cows that aren’t aligned with the vision God has given you.
  • We unpack some criteria to help discern whether something is a sacred cow.

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