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CFTROU 0178B: Bonus Episode – You Are A Theologian: An Invitation to Know and Love God Well

Theology reorients us to what is true, which is that God is the ultimate source of all things. It also has practical and daily applications that help us live life the way God intended and designed it. In this episode, we are happy to welcome Pastor J.T. English and renowned Bible teacher, Jen Wilkin. In addition to discussing theology, they also talk about their new book, You Are a Theologian: An Invitation to Know and Love God Well. You will hear about the relationship between biblical and theological literacy, how having a better understanding of theology can impact our churches, and the concept of deconstructing. Tune in to hear more about theology and how it can help us know God and based on that knowledge, live life well.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Biblical literacy and theological literacy and the relationship between them.
  • Ways in which having a better understanding of theology can impact churches.
  • The concept of deconstructing.
  • Their thoughts on who they intended to target with their new book.
  • How they are defining theology.
  • Thoughts on how theology helps us live life well.
  • How they came to terms with the topics in their book.
  • Advice to pastors who may feel there is a lack of theological awareness in their churches.

All good Bible study leads to theology, and all good theology should lead us back to our sacred text. Click To TweetOne of the reasons deconstruction happens in young adulthood is when ideas were not firmly put in place, either to say yes to or no to, in a time when children are forming their worldview. Click To Tweet

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