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CFTROU 0182: Adding Neighborhood Schools

In this episode, we take a look at schools and the way they have operated alongside churches. In the past, schools and churches operated harmoniously serving the one another. However, cultural institutions in the present day are actively resisting Biblical principles and values, which has created a divide between church and school. At Family Church, we believe having a strong home-church-school relationship is the best way to pass down Biblical principles and values to the next generation. This is why we are working towards every single one of our neighborhood churches to have their own school. This episode’s guests include Scott Crawford, CFO and Business Administrator of Family Church and Jay Boggess, Superintendent for Palm Beach Christian and Treasure Coast Christian Academies. They are also members of Family Church. After speaking about the motivation behind the drive for more neighborhood schools, our guests outline the four vital distinctives of our neighborhood schools concept. These include why accessibility and affordability are non-negotiable, factors that set our project apart from others, and ideas for how churches can go about starting their own schools. We also explore how to assess the needs of a new school, the first steps to starting one, and what we can learn from the other neighborhood school success stories.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The importance of accessibility and affordability of schools.
  • Factors that do not influence our project that may affect other schools.
  • Some ideas for how churches can start their own schools.
  • How to assess what your new school needs in relation to your values.
  • The first steps when forming your own Christian school.
  • Final words of encouragement for prospective Christian school founders.

Creating a partnership between the home, the church, and the school is the best way for us to pass our faith on to the next generation. Click To TweetWe are trying to instruct kids, as they learn and grow and develop and experience the world around them, to look at everything through the lens of Scripture. Click To Tweet

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