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CFTROU 0184: How Family Church Does Mergers

This episode covers a topic that generates many questions and is the topic of many conversations – church mergers. We are guided by teachings in the New Testament, that advocate stronger churches supporting other churches that are new or may be facing challenges. We call these strategic partnerships.  Our guests include Pastor Todd Gaston, Campus Pastor of Family Church North Stuart and provides leadership to our Treasure Coast neighborhood churches. We also welcome Pastor Scott Crawford, our Business Administrator and CFO, and Pastor Keith Albert, who leads in the area of human resources. Our guests engage in discussion regarding the church mergers and strategic partnership they have participated in while at Family Church. They talk about navigating the intricacies of church mergers, how strategic partnerships take shape, and the process of making two parts into one whole. Tune in for a helpful conversation on strategic partnerships and how they can help you advance the gospel.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why we have adopted the term, strategic partnership.
  • The evolution of Jog Road Baptist Church, now Iglesia Familiar Greenacres.
  • How they approached the change in their community demographics to better reach their community.
  • Navigating church mergers.
  • The importance of having a kingdom-focused vision.
  • How strategic partnerships form at Family Church.
  • Thinking through strategic partnerships.
  • Discuss back-end aspects of a strategic partnership, including systems and structures.
  • The evolution of North Stuart Baptist Church, now Family Church North Stuart.
  • Leading your congregation into a strategic partnership.
  • Advice to those considering or pursuing strategic partnerships.

At Family Church, we believe that stronger churches should strengthen and fund struggling churches and new churches. Click To TweetRelationship and vision are the two keys to successful strategic partnerships. Click To Tweet

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