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CFTROU 0185: How Family Church Does Multisite

In this episode, we discuss a trend among churches – moving from a megachurch model to a multisite model. We delve into why, at Family Church, we are committed to the multisite strategy. Our guests include Todd Gaston, Campus Pastor of Family Church North Stuart, Scott Crawford, Family Church Business Administrator and CFO, and Todd Thomas, Campus Pastor of Family Church Sherbrooke. Our Lead Pastor, Jimmy Scroggins, casts vision and discusses our multisite strategy, reasons for departure from this strategy, insights from our campus pastors, and what makes us a unified organization. We explore the benefits and challenges. Tune in now.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Pastor Jimmy gives listeners an in-depth overview of Family Church’s team structure.
  • The importance of agility.
  • What our pastor’s weekly meeting schedule and agenda looks like.
  • The focus of meetings as a means to provide support.
  • Insight into the workings and meetings of the content production team.
  • Removing obstacles and adjusting expectations.
  • Navigating frustration.
  • Making sure policies and systems are a help and not a hindrance.
  • Making changes and restructuring.
  • Changes made to address our growth.
  • Regionalization as replication for the support team.

To do multisite, the way that we do it, you are going to have to care for some chaos. Click To TweetA lot of what we say around here is–policies work for us we don’t work for them. Click To Tweet

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