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CFTROU 0187: Get to Know Your Neighbors

In this episode, we are talking about building a family of neighborhood churches. These churches draw people in and they get to see the genuine connection the neighborhood pastor has with their community. Our guests are neighborhood pastors and share their approach in reaching diverse communities. They also talk about the impact neighborhood schools make in the community, as well as the homes in those communities. Our guests also share how they motivate their congregations to go be the church out there. Our guests are Jose DaSilva, Campus Pastor of Iglesia Familiar Greenacres, Winner Olmann, Campus Pastor of Family Church Lake Park, Jose DaSilva, and Todd Thomas, Campus Pastor of Family Church Sherbrooke. Pastor Todd also leads our team of campus pastors across our family of neighborhood churches. Tune in for a great conversation!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Pastor Jimmy reminds us of the 1% rule for reaching our communities.
  • What our guests love about being neighborhood pastors.
  • How they each connect with different communities.
  • The powerful influence of schools and the partnership that exists between schools and the surrounding communities.
  • An idea championed by one of our neighborhood churches, Family Church North Stuart.
  • How to motivate and equip your congregation to be the church out there.

We see the neighborhood church as a missionary outpost for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the neighborhood pastor serves as the lead mission strategist. Click To TweetI realized that one of the fastest ways to build friendships with other men was to coach baseball and basketball with my son on his teams. Click To Tweet

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