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Episode 0113: Leading Through COVID-19: The Creative Path Forward.

What does it take to still maintain a quality online presence as we plan the process of reopening and launching our Family Reunion phase, post the Coronapocolypse? On today’s episode of Church For The Rest Of Us podcast, we talk to Pastors Christian Ramos and Seth Carter about our approach to making our resources work for both a quality online church experiences as well as a quality in-person experiences for those congregants who choose to come. We discuss steps and strategies to maintain the desired connection for our people, how to create and craft moments for our online church, what changes we plan to make to our weekly work-flows, and more about how we plan to navigate the reopening process. Stay tuned for an insightful conversation with part of our creative team!
Key Points:
  • Christian and Seth share their experiences about the restructure of church and their new roles during COVID-19.
  • Why it’s important that we do both online and in-person services with excellence.
  • The importance of connection: How to ensure both services experience a deeper sense of connection.
  • How we are going to rethink Sunday morning experiences and our weekly workflow.
  • How the ‘Why’ behind online services changed and influenced the way we think and plan.
  • We discuss the difference between live-streaming and pre-produced services.

This season has allowed us to see the power of us doing it together… It’s been really exciting to bring all of our gifts together into a room and develop really powerful creative services alongside one another. Click To TweetIt doesn’t matter what type of equipment, what type of lighting setup you have, or anything like that. You can create and craft moments that bring people in — that allows people to really experience what is happening in the room. Click To Tweet“We have to remember not to forget about the fact that there will still be people at home worshipping and to think about continuing and bettering your online presence and reject the idea of going back to how it was. Click To Tweet

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