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Episode 0114: Leading Through COVID-19: Coping Through a Crisis.

The shifting winds of the coronavirus can be a blow to any pastor leading a ministry. We don’t know which way the winds are blowing and one can easily feel knocked off your pins. Through it all we’ve been challenged to be adaptable, flexible, and agile as we steer through these out of sync times — not only from an organizational point of view but also from a personal point of view as we work hard to keep our mental, emotional, and spiritual energy where it needs to be. Today we’re joined by our engineer Carly Seelman and good friend pastor Aaron Filippone to talk about the coronavirus crisis and how it affects our emotional outcome.

Key Points:

  • We talk about how our pastors are being affected during the current coronavirus climate.
  • We talk about the different categories to remember with the new structure of church.
  • How planning arcs and decision making at church has changed.
  • How pastors can respond to the difficult feelings during this time: Hobbies, friends, and exercise.
  • Leslee shares what her team is doing to encourage each other as their roles change.
  • The importance of maintaining or building your team during this season.
  • We share some things that excite us: Learning, discovering, and growing during this time.
  • The importance of communicating that as we reopen church is going to be different.

Everybody should have a team — if you don’t, even during the Coronavirus — you can build a team. Pull together some volunteers — so that you have a team that’s sharing the burden and the vision for what’s happening right now in… Click To TweetOne of the best things we can do for ourselves, to encourage ourselves, is to encourage others. Click To Tweet@JimmyScroggins advice to other pastors is really good: Lean into other pastors and don’t bear the weight of the burden alone, God has not made us to be in isolation during a time like this. Click To Tweet

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