I’m excited about our next campus launch for a lot of reasons, but especially because this is a “first” for Family Church. Yes, we‘ve launched campuses before! But Family Church Jupiter is launching out of our Gardens campus, so it’s the first time one of our churches has planted a church. This is the perfect example of multiplication rather than faster addition.

Family Church Jupiter doesn’t officially launch until October 18, 2015, but a group of 75 people met recently to fellowship and pray about how they can serve at the new campus. Over the course of this summer, the launch team will meet to prepare for the official opening this October. One of our newly ordained bivocational pastors, Steve Scalici, is leading the charge. There is a great sense of excitement and expectation over this campus – God is working in our community!

The evidence is in changed lives. The Gardens campus just baptized 13 people this past Sunday night. People are hearing and responding to Jesus’ commands to repent, believe and be baptized. This is what it’s all about—not just being hearers of God’s Word, but being doers.

Our vision to plant 100 new churches in South Florida seems daunting, but when churches plant more churches, and disciples make new disciples, it becomes a more and more reachable goal. We need you to reach South Florida with the Gospel – contact me for more information on Family Church Jupiter or the Family Church Network.