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CFTROU 0038: Multicultural Revitalization

Today’s episode features one of our best church revitalization stories. It is about three pastors and three churches who have effectively partnered to reach more people in their heart languages. It is an incredible story of humility, kingdom vision, and multicultural outreach. It doesn’t matter if you are in a small church, a rural church, a suburban church, in the deep south, or even outside of the United States – trying to figure out how to match up expertise, people, resources, and buildings is crucial. If hold too tightly to our own little fiefdoms, the greater mission will suffer. Hear how this partnership revitalized a dying church to reach one South Florida neighborhood. Discover how any pastor can overcome the challenges of revitalization and change.

Key Points:

  • Find out how a Florida boy, a converted fraternity boy, and a missionary from the Amazon jungle have partnered to be better together.
  • The unique benefits of strategic partnerships.
  • Steps pastors can take to foster partnerships.
  • Leading people through change.
  • Experiencing the fruit of revitalization.

Listen to this incredible story of humility, kingdom vision, and multicultural outreach. Click To TweetWe were truly unified in trying to reach out in our community and we saw results and lives changed. Click To TweetWhen you begin to change, not everyone likes it. But I decided that if I was going to die on a hill; I was going to die on my hill. Click To TweetWe decided we could do more together than we could do separately. Pastor DaSilva had a dynamic Latino ministry. We had some systems and processes that could help them. We partnered so we could be better together. Click To Tweet

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