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CFTROU 0040: Identifying Pockets Of Lostness

In this final episode of our second season, we talk with Pastor Konstantin Goncharov, a pastor and church planter originally from Ukraine. After being chosen to come to America to study, Konstantin returned to the Ukraine to plant and pastor the first church in his community. The fall of the Berlin Wall exposed a great spiritual hunger in the Soviet Union and their church started out with just 10 people and quickly grew to have over 700. Konstantin and his family then moved to the United States to work with Carmel Baptist Church reaching Russian speaking people in and around Charlotte, NC. Upon hearing about the number of unreached Russian speaking people in South Florida, they moved here to partner with Family Church to reach this pocket of lostness. Hear how Konstantin and his wife, Angela, are making inroads with one of the least reached population groups and building a community of Russian speaking disciples of Jesus.

Key Points:

  • Konstantin’s call to ministry and how God used he and his wife, Angela, to plant an evangelical church in Ukraine.
  • Identifying pockets of lostness in our communities.
  • How God called the Goncharovs to come to South Florida where there are hundreds of thousands of Russian speaking people and very few Russian speaking churches.
  • Partnering with Family Church to reach unreached people groups in the United States.
  • The spiritual hunger that exists in the Russian people living in America.
  • Finding Russian speaking people and building relationships with them.
  • Establishing a Meet Up group for Russian speaking people.
  • Going out of your comfort zone to meet unchurched people.
  • How to get engaged in the Russian church planting effort.

Click To TweetWe have identified this pocket of unreached people right here in South Florida and we are going to them rather than expecting them to come to us. Click To TweetWe’re pulling all the strands together to reach Russian speaking people in South Florida. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Carmel Baptist Church

Family Church Slavic Seed Church

North American Mission Board

Florida Baptist Convention

Sharper! 2019

Konstantin Goncharov’s Email | kgoncharov@gofamilychurch.org

Jimmy on Twitter

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