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CFTROU 0049: Coaching Matrix Team Leaders

This is the final installment of our three-part series with our Family Church player/coaches. Today we’re talking with Derek Simpson about his work coaching Matrix Team leaders. Derek shares ideas around coaching as a leadership style for effectively working with both paid staff and volunteers. We’ll talk about strategies for different types of teams and the importance of cross-functional training, communication and inclusion for increased ministerial impact. We tackle the challenges and obstacles of team ministry. Finally, we conclude our series with four key lessons for leaders who want to lead their staff and volunteers well.

Key Points:

  • Who are Matrix Team leaders and how they set philosophy and strategy for ministry areas.
  • How Matrix Team leaders serve as in-house consultants.
  • Working with volunteers and paid team members to equip them with the necessary tools.
  • Coaching as a two-way street – coaching and being coached.
  • Importance of aligning strategy and knocking down barriers.
  • How to effectively coach volunteers.
  • Working with bivocational leaders presents unique challenges.
  • Embracing the best practices that we can learn from each other.
  • Finding subject matter experts that can help coach our ministry teams.
  • Focusing on “customer service” as we work with staff and with church members.
  • Successful and intentional cross-functional training and leadership in the church.
  • Four best practices for player/coaches.

Whether you’re leading a big team or a small team or a team of paid people or volunteers, if you are the leader, you have to lean in and coach them. Click To TweetWhen you are working with great, high powered leaders, a coach’s job is to make their jobs easier and help knock down barriers for them. Click To TweetThe volunteer environment is where you learn the coaching style of leadership best. It’s so much about relationships. They have to believe that you’re invested in their success. Click To TweetIt’s so important to share best practices with one another. It’s amazing what bubbles up when leaders share best practices with each other. Click To TweetCoaching means giving a lot of vision, doing a lot of listening, asking a lot of questions and giving a lot of love. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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