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CFTROU 0055: Developing Female Leaders, Part 2

Today we’re back with an episode you don’t want to miss. It’s part 2 of our conversation on developing female leaders with Leadership Consultant and Coach, Kadi Cole. Kadi is an expert on the topic of women in leadership and is also a newly published author of the book, Developing Female Leaders, which will release this spring. Last week we talked about why churches need to be intentional about developing female leaders and today we dive into exactly how we can do it better. We will talk about raising up women leaders regardless of your theological stance, understanding how to better recruit women, and adapting the “Billy Graham” rule to incorporate women in ministry training opportunities. If you’re ready to unleash the leadership potential of 50% of your church, this episode is for you.

Key Points:

  • Kadi Cole’s research on developing female leaders in church.
  • Why it is critical to provide theological clarity with regard to women in leadership.
  • Missed leadership potential when there is confusion in the theological stance.
  • Unpacking scripture to get theological clarity.
  • Aligning culture with implementation of new ideas and concepts.
  • Distinguishing between theological principles and cultural preferences.
  • How to recruit women into leadership positions differently.
  • Why women often hold back from applying to certain positions.
  • Setting boundaries and protections – the rule of taking two.
  • Three easy first steps for getting started with raising up women in leadership.

We have to be able to back our positions on women in leadership with scripture, because that’s the thing that unifies us as believers. Click To TweetThere are these unintentional consequences when we don’t have our actions match our theological position. Click To TweetA lot of what conservative churches have called theological and scriptural principles are actually more cultural preferences when it comes to putting women in church leadership roles. Click To TweetIf you want to recruit more women leaders and high-level volunteers, you have to go get them. Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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