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Episode 0099: Leading Through COVID-19: Reopening Church TBD

The coronavirus pandemic continues, and in this episode, we discuss what reopening church will look like. When the government lifts some of the social distancing restrictions, how will it affect us when we gather in the future? How is it going to impact the way we do church? While new cases have slowed and even seem to be declining in some areas, the long-term recovery from the pandemic will take months, possibly years. Church leaders should be thinking about how they will approach reopening, specifically in light of social distancing. We discuss some of the models we are looking at as we consider reopening Family Church for in-person gatherings.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The new regulations around wearing masks and how that impacts social engagement.
  • The widespread implications of the protocols implemented to manage the outbreak.
  • Feedback from the research Family Church has done in terms of reopening.
  • The strategy of improving a church’s digital presence.
  • Finding ways to meet the needs of our church family during this time of social distancing.
  • The reopening models under consideration and the one thing they all have in common.
  • The social pressure to make decisions in accordance with what people believe is safe.
  • How the initial concerns about medical provision and capacity have shifted.
  • How every church leader should be thinking about and discussing the possibility of reopening.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

CDC Response to COVID-19

Disney’s Response to COVID-19

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