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Episode 0101: Leading Through COVID-19 – Leading Through COVID-19: Opportunity to Reinvent

We discuss how the coronavirus crisis has presented churches, leaders, and organizations with the opportunity to reinvent themselves. We’ve previously used the analogy of having to move out of our house into an apartment and the necessary adjustments we have had to make. While this season is not going to last forever, it will last long enough for us to have to unpack our metaphorical clothes and get settled in – for anything between six to twenty-four months. In some areas and states, churches are preparing to open in the next few weeks. Out of necessity, we’ve all had to abandon some things that don’t fit in our current context – and perhaps it’s time to abandon some of them permanently. Conversely, there are some practices that are worth holding onto and taking with us into the future. This is the time to shift gears and reinvent your church so that you can step into who God has called you to be as the body.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The three boxes for innovation: performance engine, selectively abandoning the past, and innovation.
  • How this time is forcing us to rethink our systems and processes and find new ways to communicate the message of the gospel.
  • A few things that Family Church has selectively abandoned.
  • How going digital has taught us to run effective meetings virtually.
  • Consider how your website has shifted to be the new front door to your house.
  • What we will be taking with us into the future – and why it will remain a constant for us.
  • The importance of smaller groups and shepherding people.
  • Keeping in mind that recreating and reimagining community is critical.
  • Advice and encouragement for churches that might need to reinvent themselves.

This is a perfect time for churches and organizations to selectively abandon the past. Click To TweetDon’t be alone. Don’t feel like you have to strategize at all by yourself. If your church needs to be replanted, you should get some people to walk with you. Click To Tweet

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