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CFTROU 0121B5: Church Revitalization with Mike Richardson

We’re taking a break from our COVID-19 conversations and discussing the topic of revitalization. Revitalization isn’t easy and it takes time. All of us have to think about how to move our organizations forward to what God is calling us to do in this time. On this episode, we welcome our guest Pastor Mike Richardson. Pastor Mike is the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Tequesta. He is a phenomenal leader, an outstanding pastor, and a dear brother to us at Family Church. Pastor Mike is passionate about revitalization, and one of the main topics he enjoys speaking about is the marks of a self-centered church, and how we as a church need to remind ourselves to keep our eyes towards God and towards other people.

Key Points:

  • Pastor Mike shares about himself and his background.
  • The marks of a self-centered church.
  • What happens when we shift our focus off ourselves and on God.
  • Action steps that a church can apply to see revitalization.
  • The concept of preaching to lead, and the role it plays in growing your church.
  • The importance of establishing and communicating the mission of your church.
  • Why honoring the leaders faithfully who served before you is an important part of the revitalization process.

Revitalization takes time. But we have to move forward. All of us have to think about how to move the organization forward to what God is calling us to do in this time. Click To TweetWhat every church should have — A pastor with tenure, with confidence. With the confidence of the people in the church, who is making plans not just to leave but making plans to leave his church with someone in place. Click To Tweet

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