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The Mom Village

The Mom Village is a Christ-centered podcast led by three multicultural moms. We tackle tough topics, worldview challenges, and difficult questions from a biblical perspective. We collaborate with talented, professional, and seasoned women. We seek to educate, uplift, and encourage you through the triumphs and tribulations of motherhood. Welcome to our Village!

Valentine’s Day Special – Part 1

2021-03-31T12:59:39-04:00February 12, 2021|

TMV: Episode 16 – Valentine’s Day Special – Part 1

Valentine’s Day; all things romance, relationships, and more. Whether you’re single, dating, newly married, or veteran, you undoubtably have questions and we hope to answer some of those! Welcome to […]

Adolescent Mental Health – Part 2

2021-03-31T12:58:57-04:00January 27, 2021|

TMV: Episode 15 – Adolescent Mental Health – Part 2

Today, we welcome back Sarah Rainer for part two of the Mental Health series. As mentioned before, Sarah’s husband Art Rainer used to be one of the pastors here at […]

Adolescent Mental Health – Part 1

2021-03-31T12:58:22-04:00January 20, 2021|

TMV: Episode 14 – Adolescent Mental Health – Part 1

Today on the podcast we are excited to jump into the topic of mental health. We cannot explore mental health without having it be about God. He made us, he […]

Christmas Special

2021-03-31T12:56:21-04:00December 16, 2020|

TMV: Episode 13 – Christmas Special

Meals, decorations, gifts, social obligations – amid everything we need to do as moms during Christmas it is so easy to let the true meaning of this time fall by the wayside. That is […]

Communicating With Our People – Part 2

2021-03-31T12:55:38-04:00December 9, 2020|

TMV: Episode 12 – Communicating With Our People Part 2

In this episode, we pick up where we left off in part one of the discussion about communicating with our people. As we know, aside from our relationship with Christ, […]

Communicating With Our People – Part 1

2021-03-31T12:54:58-04:00December 2, 2020|

TMV: Episode 11 – Communicating With Our People Part 1

Aside from our relationship with God, the sacred union we share with our husbands is the most important one of all. Like any relationship, it takes work to nurture and grow […]

Fostering and Adoption – Part 2

2021-03-31T12:53:50-04:00November 11, 2020|

TMV: Episode 10 – Fostering and Adoption – Part 2

The journey of foster care comes with many ups and downs, from taking a child in last-minute to comforting them through the most difficult emotional moments and having to say […]

Fostering and Adoption – Part 1

2021-03-31T12:52:32-04:00November 4, 2020|

TMV: Episode 9 – Fostering and Adoption – Part 1

Adoption and fostering are not about choosing to expand your family but rather responding to God’s call to provide a loving home for someone who needs it. With this in […]

Family Legacies

2021-03-31T12:51:48-04:00October 21, 2020|

TMV: Episode 8 – Family Legacies

In our last episode, we talked about traditions. Today, we’re talking about family legacies. While there are certainly similarities, a legacy is about the stories that you leave behind. It’s the imprint you leave […]

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